The shirt off his back

Funny story to share from a post-game interview with Dax Dessureault of Ottawa, who had 22 points and 13 rebounds in his final game for the Gee-Gees. Apparently, Ottawa was planning to wear whites today, but his white jersey got destroyed when the team manager was doing laundry, so they shifted to the garnet colours. Here's his quotes on the matter:

"We were supposed to wear whites today, and my whites got ripped in the laundry," he said. "It was like an omen for the game. They won't need that number any more."

Dessureault was named Ottawa's player of the game in all three of their matches. He said that was largely due to opposing defenses focusing on guards Josh Wright and Josh Gibson-Bascombe.

"Playing with two good players like that, one of us is going to be open," he said.

Dessureault said he was happy the Gee-Gees were able to finish with a victory in today's consolation final.

"It was nice to go out with a good game."
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