Basketball: Scrubb? No, he should be a star

It's a bit dated now, but a commenter made note of it earlier this week, so here's a link to a recent Van Province feature on Thomas Scrubb, the 6-foot-5 forward with a name straight out of Dickens who's said to be ticketed for the Carleton Ravens.
"It's hard to remember many players in the recent history of the B.C. prep game who could entirely change the momentum of a contest based on their quickness and economy in the open court.

"Yet Scrubb, bound next season for Ottawa's CIS No. 1-ranked Carleton Ravens, is just such a player."
The schools themselves won't know who is coming until well into the spring and summer. Carleton seems to be at the front of the queue.

Scrubb's father, Lloyd Scrubb, played at UVic in the 1980s, meaning he would have been there when the Vikes won their seventh national title in a row in 1986. Imagine the son helping the Ravens go after their seventh title.

Scrubb makes it look easy; Vancouver College star is one who can change a game (Howard Tsumura, Vancouver Province)
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  1. That sound you hear is the collective groan of the 42 other CIS coaches.
    Just when it seemed that maybe, just maybe, after 9 years the Carleton dynasty might begin to decline, Smart simply dials up a boat load of new recruits and is on his merry way again.
    The seven other coaches in the OUA East should lobby to pull out of that conference and form a new league...without Carleton.
    Just kidding...well, maybe not.

  2. Sager Thanks for finding article . Did not really think any one read week old blogs . Pretty sure I saw him play in HS championships two years ago . Their JV leagues are pretty good and he stars so he should have no trouble fitting in with Carleton. A Ryan Bell with more finish around the hoop . Someone on Carleton's team may have saw their minutes just drop.

  3. Scrubb wasn't recruited by Carleton. He just decided to commit by himself. He's friends with the Ring brothers from Ottawa who are also committed to Carleton. Don't expect Scrubb (and maybe even the Rings) to get anything but a practice jersey next year.