Six teams cut at Windsor

Curling, golf, men's rugby and women's fastpitch have all been eliminated in the name of cost-cutting. Considering the economic hardship that's engulfed southwestern Ontario thanks to its close ties with Michigan, it is not surprising.

Two weekends ago, the Windsor sports community was celebrating an OUA women's basketball title and now it's taken a bit of a body blow. Stay strong, Lancers.

U of W axes sports teams (Don Lajoie, Windsor Star)
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1 comment:

  1. Interesting to see those cuts finally go through. Windsor's had cuts proposed ever since the university finished its first athletics review back in 2007, but they've been tossing the idea back and forth since then. It wouldn't surprise me if this was only the first of many OUA schools to cut a bunch of teams; as related in that second piece, over half of the Ontario schools have been conducting athletics reviews lately. In the end, everyone has had to reevaluate their model thanks to the introduction of athletic entrance scholarships; Windsor was one of the three schools opposed to that idea originally, largely due to the costs.