All Bets Are Off

There's a bad joke to be made in what I type and what you're about to read. But I won't make it.

Police arrested and charged Windsor, Ont., twins Dan and Doug Hogan with running an illegal sports betting operation.

The kicker — and butt end of that bad joke? Dan Hogan has been an assistant coach with the Windsor Lancers football team for three seasons.

[Det. Sgt. Bill] Sword said there’s no evidence to indicate Hogan took any bets on Lancers games. “But I can’t say for sure. I don’t believe he would, but I can’t prove yay or nay to that. Our lines weren’t up during the time that they were playing.”

Lancers head coach Mike Morencie couldn’t be reached for comment on Dan Hogan’s current status with the team. Hogan’s biography was recently removed from the Lancers website.

In the early 90s, Dan Hogan was an All-Star and All-Canadian player with the Windsor AKO Fratmen. He started coaching the AKO junior team in 1997, and went onto work as a defensive line coach at the high school level.

As of this post, Dan Hogan is not listed on the Lancers website as a member of the football team's coaching staff.
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  1. Out in the open now...but many people knew about this. The PO even says in the article..."you'd be surprised who made bets".

  2. Interesting to note though that the "criminal" is not the person placing bets. So, it's no different than me seeing Joe Neighbour at the 7-11 playing Pro-line. Hell, he probably got better odds from the Hogans and wasn't forced to play a parlay.

  3. I hope that they release some of the names....

    I know of certain people that would lose their jobs instantly if they knew!

  4. I'm not sure why someone would lose their job for NOT breaking the law. I'm sorry, that just doesn't make sense.

  5. Yet no authorities look into the mayor of this fine city and the city councel to question whether decisions (WFCU Place) were made without any financial "incentives". Its always about putting the little guy down and letting the big fish steal in plain sight.