Basketball: Playoff spreads

Greg Layson was musing about the Mustang men and their being 22(-or-so)-point favourites over Waterloo tomorrow, so here's a look at the playoff games scheduled for this weekend. Please, no wagering. Updates will come once the next matchups are known.

Friday's and Saturday's results are in the comments.


Dal by 8 over CBU (Capers won by 5)
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  1. Windsor over Ottawa by 17?
    Say what?
    You do realize Ottawa was the ONLY team to beat Windsor this season, don't you?
    And BTW, they beat them in Windsor.
    So how about showing the Gee-Gee women a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

  2. Here's how close (or not) Friday's guesses were:

    Calgary over TWU by 4 (actually by 31)
    Laval over UQAM by 7 (other way around by 9)
    Concordia over McGill by 13 (17)
    UBC over Brandon by 19.5 (21)

    SFU over Alberta by 9 (15)
    StFX over UNB by 13.5 (28)
    Dalhousie over Acadia by 20 (9)
    Too close to call: Saskatchewan vs. Regina (Regina by 6)

  3. @ Anon:

    Indeed! Windsor is only beating them by 13 ... after the first quarter.

    Famous last words, eh?

  4. Yes, Ottawa did beat Windsor by 2 in Nov. However, for the record....Windsor coach Vallee benched star player Dranadia Roc for the first half in that game. I think Roc was late for practice. So, in reality, a coach's decision probably cost the Lancers an undefeated OUA season. Still, give credit to Ottawa for getting back to Windsor for the OUA final.

  5. Windsor 68, Ottawa 51. Interesting.

    Saturday's results vs. the spread:

    TWU over Brandon by 4 (won by 11)
    Windsor over McMaster by 5 (23)
    Ottawa over Toronto by 11 (15)
    Calgary over UBC by 11.5 (4)
    Western over Waterloo by 18.5 (12)
    Carleton over York by 26 (much more than 26)

    Alberta over Saskatchewan by 5.5 (17)
    Laval over UQAM by 7.5 (9)
    Dalhousie over Memorial by 9.5 (23)
    Simon Fraser over Regina by 15.5 (11)
    Windsor over Ottawa by 17 (17)
    Too close to call: Cape Breton-StFX (CBU by 16)