Basketball: Ravens' Thompson tells of Kingston's trio influence

Carleton shooting guard Elliot Thompson, one of several Ravens who will be looking to take on a larger role with the graduation of tri-captains Aaron Doornekamp, Rob Saunders and Final 8 MVP Stu Turnbull, was the subject of a nice feature article in his hometown newspaper:
"Thompson, who turns 20 April 15, has also learned plenty from the aforementioned Turnbull, Doornekamp and Saunders.

"Saunders is in electrical engineering, so he can relate to Thompson trying to juggle basketball and a demanding science program. He's helped him with time management.

" 'Not only were they great basketball players, they were unbelievable leaders,' he said. 'They all led in their own unique way. What's most important about all three of them is they weren't feeding you bullcrap every day. Whatever they were saying was genuine. Some days you didn't want to hear it, but they were telling you the truth.' "
Elliot expressed similar sentiments when we spoke earlier this week for a Sun Media story (which, alas, seems impossible to locate anywhere on the Internet machine). He noted that what you saw on the court from those guys "is the way they are, deep-down. There's no fake leadership from them."

Capital investment turns into gold for Thompson (Bruce Hallihan, Fredericton Daily Gleaner)
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