Basketball: St. FX's Richards won't play vs. Carleton

St. Francis Xavier guard Tyler Richards, who's facing an assault charge in connection with an incident at an Antigonish, N.S., bar 2½ weeks ago, will not play at the Final 8:
"St. F.X. athletic director Leo MacPherson said that Richards and rookies William Donkoh and Eamon Morrissy will remain out of the lineup this weekend. All three are charged with assault stemming from an incident in Antigonish on Feb. 21 that sent a man to hospital with undisclosed injuries.

" '(The investigation) is continuing and unfortunately these things can't get resolved to a point early enough that we can make changes to our original decision,' (St. FX athletic director Leo) MacPherson said.
It's pretty much the resolution, or lack of one, that we expected in the lead-up to nationals. St. Francis Xavier already faced long enough odds vs. No. 1 seed Carleton.

Richards won't play for St. F.X. at Final 8; AD says school's investigation into alleged assault 'far from complete' (Chad Lucas, Halifax Herald)
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  1. Original Decision? Correct me if I'm wrong Leo, but as I recall your "original decision" was to let them play since they "haven't been found guilty of anything". It wasn't until the intense backlash that you decided to sit them while you conducted your investigation.

    Richards, Donkoh, Morrissy, and Gallimore collectively made your bed; now you'll have to live in it while Carleton stomps all over you.

  2. Whether Tyler Richards plays or not, X won't stand much of a chance against Carleton.
    Clearly, this team pales in comparison to the one Carleton faced in the 04 Final and the 05 semifinal.
    MacDonald, Bell and Gallimore have it all over this current edition.
    If they keep the Ravens within 15, they should consider it a victory.

  3. The St. Francis Xavier X-Men: Thuggish Ruggish Boneheads

  4. This could be one of the wose losses in the history of tfx.Maybe 40 points or more.

  5. To X's credit, even without Richards they still have firepower in Upshaw and Dunn while Taylor and Rodriguez have been solid down low. That said, it will still take a near-perfect game and a lot of Carleton mistakes (something they're not exactly known for) for X to make a game of it.

  6. I don't for a second think X will win this one, but I think it's going to be more of a game than people want to let on. Will Silver has filled in admirably all year and while he's nowhere near the scorer that Richards is (was?...I suppose his career is done at this point anyway)he can distribute the basketball as well or better than any other guard I've seen in either CWest or the AUS this year. They aren't going to miss the other two plugs at all. I think they'll keep it very close, and that having played Carleton in the Shoveller will work to their advantage.