Basketball: Posting Up checks out

Chad Lucas at the Halifax Chronicle Herald passed along word over the weekend that he is leaving one of the East Coast's biggest papers. Chad's contributions will be sorely, sorely missed:
"The university game has always meant more to me because many of the players I've watched, covered and in some cases even coached since they were 14 or 15 years old.

"That's why I'm glad the final game I covered live for the Herald was last Saturday’s AUS championship, where a kid from Bedford named Josh Beattie performed a minor miracle in the third quarter to lift the Dalhousie Tigers to the title. I’ve seen heroes made and hearts broken, and though I've always tried to maintain some measure of objectivity as a reporter, I have to admit that watching the long-suffering Tigers and their fans celebrate was really, really fun. (Besides, now that I've seen Dalhousie win the conference, I've seen just about everything.)

"This will sound horribly cliched, but the thing I’ll miss most is the people, especially my colleagues in the sports department. I have laughed way harder and more often over the past six years than most people ever do (or probably should) in an office. But the Chronicle Herald is going to be a very different place by this time next week, and truth be told I'm ready to move on to other things."
Two veterans of the late Halifax Daily News, Chris Kallan and Shane Ross (Shane is now with Sun Media) were both in attendance at the Final 8, so one hopes Chad will find a way to stay close to the game and writing about it. These are uneasy times for media pros, since we are so early into a communications revolution not seen in some 500 years.

Chad is a 2001 graduate of the one-year B. Journalism program at the University of King's College in Halifax. To the would-be journos who came in the following school year, 2001-02, he was pretty much known as the superstar, someone who had the raised the bar for the next class, so you have to figure he'll be all right.

(Thank you to Eddie Pomykala for bringing this to our attention.)

The End. (Posting Up With Chad Lucas)
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