Basketball: More great moments in Tyson Hinz speculation

It's completely unbecoming to be caught up in where an 18-year-old is going to pursue post-secondary studies, that goes without saying, but man, everyone wants to know which school Ottawa baller Tyson Hinz will attend.
"There are two universities that Hinz is now strongly considering. He likes Carleton because of its 'exceptional' basketball program ... while McGill would earn him a degree that is a little more respected (although he's still waiting for acceptance into the commerce program he'd like to study)." – Orléans Star
The new nugget is waiting to hear back from McGill commerce (the major at Carleton for Ravens such as Stu Turnbull, Aaron Doornekamp and Os Jeanty). Check out this quote from McGill coach Craig Norman (who had great success recruiting in Ottawa when he almost took RMC to nationals, yes really):
"Oh my God, I think Tyson Hinz is the most complete basketball player I’ve ever seen at that age. He's a great young man, has tremendous work ethic, and he’s so polished for a kid his age. It’s unreal."
Hinz will probably make out well at whatever school he chooses. It's kind of cool, in a Canadian way, that speculation has not run amok in the media. It's good that Tyson Hinz is free to be an 18-year-old and make up his mind, with his family's counsel.

Hinz becomes coveted recruit for universities (Dan Plouffe, Orléans Star)
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  1. As a Carleton grad, the hair on the back of my neck bristles whenever it is suggested that a degree from Carleton should be considered as "lesser" or inferior to other schools.
    The real issue for Tyson Hinz, I believe, is not whether McGill or Carleton offers the better commerce program, but rather will he follow in his father's footsteps or not.
    From what I have heard, the elder Hinz would be very, very pleased if his son would enroll at his alma mater.
    That is the one trump card that Craig Norman has over Dave Smart.

  2. Both of the twins are going to Carleton and, after what I suspect will be one season slightly less successful than recent ones, the team is set up to be a powerhouse for at least three more years. This might be what draws him to Carleton in the end.

  3. Carleton has made outstanding progress in elevating their academic reputation but don't for a minute think that other schools don't try to use that argument against Carleton when recruiting players. They certainly can't criticize the basketball program, so they have to play that card.
    I'd put money on Hinz choosing the Ravens, he's too serious a player to settle for anything less.

  4. Negative recruiting is a no-no, at least from this fan's point of view. It's naive to think coaches wouldn't go there when they recruit against Carleton in basketball -- or conversely, when they're recruiting against a school with high entrance cut-offs, as in, "oh, you might have trouble getting in there."

    It's funny. One of my journo friends always jokes that it's not his Carleton any more; you see the kids walking around the books instead of cases of beer.

    Anyway, you get out in the real world and you soon find anyone worth working for doesn't care where you went to school.