Basketball: AUS refs alleviate problems

No, this is not bash-the-AUS week, but this post on Hoop Life from a thread about last week's double-overtime epic between St. FX and Cape Breton jumps out, especially considering what happened the previous time they played:
"As a side note, (Cape Breton's Philip) N'Krumah was a beast in all regards on this night. When caper fans were down on the baseline during an x free throw at a key part in the game, a huge football player on X confronted a few of the guys in orange.

"N'Krumah stepped off the free throw box and was fully willing to take this guy on. Right or wrong, and probably wrong, That is a team guy right there.

"Credit is also due for the officials during that fracas on the baseline. The intensity in the gym was heating up to a boiling point and the fans were getting involved on the floor, the officials ... put both teams to their benches and waited for security to clear the area and separate the two sides. Job well done of not getting it wrong twice."
Much of the rest of Canada would do well to replicate the atmosphere at an AUS game. However, spoken like someone from Upper Canada, where's the crowd control? It was bad when a fan made physical contact with then-St. FX assistant coach Garry Gallimore a month ago, but it seems like little was done to prevent another incident.

You're in the stands for a reason, people.
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  1. Neate - a couple of comments to your post. Firstly, not all Universities enjoy the luxury or large gyms with stands well back from the court ( and timekeepers). This puts extra onus on security and the court officials. Secondly, I was at the X game and I think both the security and the officials did a great job. The Caper fans were noisy but generally well bahaved. They could give Duke University "Cameron Crazies" a run for their money. The St FX security was increased but not pushy. Given the intensity of the game everyone, but one boorish football player and a caper fan with a flagpole, was treated to an awesome game.

  2. Yeah it was a great game. It's a shame more CIS teams don't have the luxury of great/loyal fans and intense rivalries. The Caper fans weren't as bad as their were at the game in Sydney but they do have their ignorant lapses. But they cheered for both teams when the game was done, which both teams deserved. So there was no incidents.