Basketball: DeGroot to play her fifth/sixth season at Saskatchewan

Lindsay DeGroot, who led McMaster to a bronze medal at the women's Final 8 in 2008, has had her fifth season restored and will play for Saskatchewan next season:
"The Huskies have everything I'm looking for in a basketball program.

"From the work ethic, motivation and cohesiveness to the coaches and players - this team prides itself on hard work and I'm looking forward to being challenged everyday. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by (U of S coach) Lisa (Thomaidis) and the rest of the coaching staff. I know I will learn so much next year. And my future teammates are all great girls who are very dedicated and passionate about the game."
DeGroot, who set a McMaster single-game scoring record of 43 points last season, played a handful of conference games before a back injury forced her to miss the regular season and playoffs. Without claiming to know Saskatchewan's roster up and down, the fourth-best team in Canada West this season can probably find a spot for a 5-foot-10 scoring guard.

DeGroot uproots and moves west to the Huskies (Nicole Betker, Hamilton Scores!)
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