Linking the country: Creighton out, Nixon back in, and Damo's incorrect intuition

  • Rohn Meyer takes over the Dinos this weekend after Blake Nill's suspension. (Calgary Herald)

  • Interesting developments with SMU, as Steve Sumarah has decreed that Jack Creighton will not play against Laval, instead going with Micah Brown, travellin' man. Sumarah basically admits this is a step back ("maybe the offensive guys will have to respond even more knowing Jack’s not in there") but also feels the need for a shakeup, "and there’s no better spot to do it than the quarterback position." (The Chronicle-Herald)

  • UBC linebacker Nathan Kanya (born in the Congo, moved to Canada in his teens) was named defensive player of the week last week, after suffering a broken back last year. (Vancouver Sun)

  • More linebacker profiles, this time with Windsor's Akeem Whonder. (One Windsor newspaper)

  • Laurence Nixon will be QB-1 again this week in Regina. (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)

  • UNB at Alberta, Friday night. Need I say more? (The Gateway)

  • Among STU's recruits this year are Mathieu Melanson and Randy Cameron. Cameron had originally committed to UPEI, in his home province, but being friends with the Tommies' coach's son might have helped to change his mind. (Daily Gleaner)

  • This'll be fun. The Star's Damien Cox is displeased with Hayley Wickenheiser's decision to play for the University of Calgary because she's too old but really because he has a "sneaking suspicion" that it's not about getting an education. Yet today we learn that Danielle Goyette's "main goal was" (wait for it...) "to get her to go back to school" and so pitched Calgary to Wickenheiser by emphasizing "the merits of going back to school to finish her degree." Wickenheiser is apparently about halfway through her Bachelor of Kinesiology, which she started at, yes, the University of Calgary in the late 90s. Now she wants to complete it. So unless I'm mistaken, I think Cox's suspicion just sneaked out the door. Thanks for playing, though. (Canadian Press and U of C)

  • Dealing a severe blow to RPI enthusiasts everywhere, Calgary's men's team won't be playing that many CIS preseason games this year--in fact, they have a weekend against Saskatchewan and that's it. Coach Dave Vanhooren: "a 24 game league schedule will be a long haul for our relatively young team." (Dinos Hoops News)
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1 comment:

  1. Trust Damien Cox to create a controversy over a non issue.
    So Ms. Wickenheiser, at Danielle Goyette's behest is going back to school. Good for her.
    A good idea all around, I say.
    She gets to complete her degree, continue to play in a good league (CW is the best league in Canada, men or women)and at the same time help Goyette build a fledgling program.
    Her old team folded anyway, so this is the best option available for her.
    What's not to like?
    It's good for opposing players to face the likes of Hayley Wickenheiser...she'll raise their game as well as her own teammates.
    So what she is 32?
    That's a break for the other teams...imagine what she would have been like to play against in her prime at 20-25 years of age?
    Still, even at an age where she might be entering her twilight years, she's instantly one of the best players in that league.
    And for those of you who scream "unfair" that a national team stalwart like her is competing against student athletes, remember Kim St. Pierre?
    She was for years Canada's #1 netminder while at the same time served as McGill's brick wall.
    This development is good for her, good for Goyette and the Dinos and good for the CIS.
    As for Mr. Cox...must be nice whistling through his fanny every day and getting paid for it.
    Honestly, he puts the "twit" in twitter.