Football: Saturday/Sunday point spreads

These had some success last year: of the 54 games I gave a spread for, the favourite covered 27 times. But the season is still relatively young, and some of these might look right stupid in a few hours.

I almost can't believe what my computer spit out for York/Laurier, but then again it is York. (And they might have rain today in Toronto.)

Saint Mary's at Mount Allison (+15)
St. F-X at Acadia (pick 'em)

Bishop's at Concordia (-7.5)
Sherbrooke at Laval (-27)

York at Laurier (-35.5)
Windsor at McMaster (-17.5)
Ottawa at Queen's (-10)
Western at Guelph (+8) (liveblog run by Arden Zwelling here)

Canada West
Calgary at Manitoba (+7)
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