Football: Creighton leaves SMU, looks to transfer for 2011

Well, today is just a Monty Mosher-based day at, isn't it?

Hours after the Chronicle-Herald reporter broke the news about the 2011 Uteck Bowl going to Moncton, we learn that SMU QB Jack Creighton has quit the team.

One assumes Creighton has left because he was benched last week, among other reasons (he told Mosher "it hasn't been fun since the end of last season"). Last year he was ranked fifth among quarterbacks nationwide, and was the highest-ranked among those returning to play this year, so his departure is certainly of national interest. And if I understand my eligibility rules correctly, Creighton can next appear in a CIS game on September 18, 2011 (he was on the roster for SMU's most recent game even if he did not play). So you'd think any number of schools would be happy to land him for what would be most of next season.

Micah Brown didn't have a great game in place of Creighton last week, but it's tough for anyone to have a great game against Laval. He certainly has the wheels and the arm to warrant further attention from SMU; whether they gave too much attention to him instead of their incumbent quarterback remains to be seen.

(There's a joke in here about Creighton joining Waterloo, which is about a two-hour drive from his hometown and, like him, the school becomes eligible to play again in 2011, but I'm not witty enough to make it.)

QB Creighton quits Huskies after being benched [The Chronicle-Herald]
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  1. Granted, a university sporting career is short and sitting on the bench must be touch bone to chew on, but isn't there something inherently un-Canadian about pulling the shoot before "the tough" gets going again? Who would want someone that would quit on his team when things aren't going his way?

  2. Let's see. Laurier, Western and perhaps even Queen's(assuming he has the marks- Queen's is very very fussy) would also be interested. At 6'5 he will be almost 6-10 inches taller than Donnie Marshall depending what you believe is Marshall's actual height. Donnie Marshall has not accounted that well so far for Mustangs and besides that has an offensive line that is having a hard time with establishing a rushing game. His receivers are fair to middling and the team defensively in the secondary may be suspect suggesting they need to score 25 plus points a game to win(generally OUA trend however).

    Guelph might be interested as well and have a team right now that likely will finish well in league standings, but may not go that deep in the
    playoffs. Coach Stu Lang looks like he is the real deal and a bonus for the OUA. Via their new success this year, Guelph is already going to make it more difficult for their high profile neighbours in recruiting next year.

    Creighton could find some love out west in the Canwest division I suspect and perhaps a Vancouver based team on the "left coast"(hint hint- Thunderbirds) may also be interested.

    My gut take is that he will settle in the OUA with a competitive team like Laurier, Western or now Guelph(recent success duly noted) as leading possibilities. Queen's as a long shot. I would be remiss not to mention McMaster but they are a team that will be graduating a fair amount of players this year and may be rebuilding come next season.

  3. Well, I was only joking, but Greg Layson thinks Waterloo is a fantastic idea:

    A top-notch quarterback making a homecoming of sorts to heroically rescue a red-faced program. A perfect fit for everyone.