Five to Ponder: The Score's game of the week will force you to sit in a chair for three hours, cost you lots of money, and hurt for a week afterward

Every week, Five to Ponder will highlight five upcoming games that might be worth your attention. After the weekend, Five for Pondering will recap the five games that were actually worth our attention. Hopefully the games we encourage you to watch end up being the interesting ones. This is hardly ever the case.

1. The 2010 Fraudulent Bowl
Football: Western at Guelph, Saturday, 1:00pm ET

I had to steal the title from Greg Layson, who says that by the end of Saturday, "one of these two teams will be exposed for the overrated, overachieving team it is at this point in the season", and predicts this game will be as much fun as that clich├ęd dental procedure everyone uses when they want to describe how painful an event will be.

2. A 1-2 Canada West Team Plays A 2-1 Canada West Team
Football: Saskatchewan at Alberta, Friday, 7:00pm MT

It was hard to pick just one game in this conference: if Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and UBC all win then we'll have a six-way tie for first on Monday. But that seems rather improbable, so let's just pick one game: Saskatchewan at Alberta, the first matchup of the weekend. SSN webcast link is here.

3. An Afternoon At The Roxburgh
Women's soccer: Alberta at Trinity Western, Saturday, 5:00pm PT

They're the only undefeated teams in Canada West, both nationally ranked. A pretty simple pick for this article. Here's your webcast link, and here's a brief video preview of both of TWU's weekend games:

Before you ask: no, I don't know where you can get activewear with your initials adorning your shoulder.

4. The Other McGill-Montreal Game at CEPSUM
Women's soccer: McGill at Montreal, Sunday, 1:00pm ET

It's the first time they've met since last year's QSSF final (which the Carabins won 2-1). In fact, three years in a row, the Martlets have been eliminated from the playoffs by Montreal. They are hoping to reverse that trend this year, one assumes, and perhaps a win on Sunday will help them to believe they can do it.

5. Wait, Who's 0-2?
Football: Saint Mary's vs. Mount Allison in Moncton, Saturday, 1:00pm AT

Wouldn't it be an overload of symbolism if the Huskies lost a game in Moncton in the same week that Huskies Stadium lost a semifinal game to Moncton? Eyes will also be on Micah Brown in his CIS non-Laval-debut.
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  1. Haha activewear with initials is basically a Trinity Western tradition. Nobody does it better.