Linking the country: More Dino drama, how sunny weather might help York win the Yates, and the most important thing to happen to Guelph sports this week

Greg Layson

  • The Big Man on Campus, also known as Greg Layson, also known as Friend of the Blog Greg Layson, also known as MUBL Year 1 Last-Place Finisher Greg Layson, is back. Clear your calendars and check your mirrors, people. (Big Man on Campus)


  • Al Maki reports that the Huskies and Dinos are filing dueling complaints over the hit that caused Anthony Woodson's injury last Friday night. Calgary's saying it was an inappropriate head shot; Saskatchewan's claiming Blake Nill threatened an opposing player on the field. This probably deserves its own post, but just very quickly, in our liveblog of the game, you can confirm that everyone thought the hit was uncalled for (and could have been avoided), and that Evan could hear Nill screaming from the press box. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Brian Towriss: "we can’t have coaches threatening players, in my mind. That’s my only concern." Presumably it's his second concern, the other being the safety of CIS athletes. (The Globe and Mail)

  • If you're anything like me, you're wondering which football game we should liveblog tomorrow. Mac-Western is hard to turn down... (London Free Press)

  • With Eric Glavic out for three weeks (or more?), Dino fans had to read this in today's Calgary Herald: "The Dinos, 0-1, will hand the quarterbacking reins to 18-year-old Eric Dzwilewski as they entertain the Regina Rams, 1-0, in Week Two of Canada West action." Nothing against Dzwilewski, who's featured in a high school video from his Boise, Idaho days here, but there's bound to be a difference between him and a two-time Hec Crighton winner. (Calgary Herald)

  • Don't joke about Jack Creighton's recent minor injury. Those classroom chairs can be death traps. If it were one of those desks with the chair attached to it, Creighton might be re-learning how to walk right now. (Metro Halifax, in what must be Metro's longest article in their history)

  • I'm not sure what's supposed to be impossible for York here--they've made the playoffs before, you know--but there are a few quotes from Warren Craney so you might as well click through. If you do so, you'll learn amazing things like: Ottawa is one of York's biggest challenges this week (is there another game I'm not aware of?), the recent rainy weather in southern Ontario hasn't deterred the Lions from pursuing the Yates Cup (but if there's snow on Nov. 13, how does that affect their chances of winning?), "there is evidence" that York has thought about players they could use in upcoming games and they have "reviewed tapes of plays and throws that could potentially work" (that one doesn't even need a snarky parenthetical). Basically, I read the Excalibur so you don't have to. (The Excalibur)

  • Will former Bear Brian Woolger be playing against Alberta when UNB comes to town next Friday? Our Evan Daum thinks so. Regardless, you might want to add that matchup to your Five to Ponder list. (South Campus Sports)

  • UNB's preseason schedule includes not only Alberta, but also Calgary, McGill, the University of Vermont (go Catamounts!), the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the AHL's Portland Pirates. Well, it's too bad they won't face any top-flight competition in September, eh? (UNB Varsity Reds, via

  • The TWU's men's team expect to go to the national championship game this year and the coach thinks they have character and integrity. Any questions? (Langley Times)

  • The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT, or "you-owe-it to yourselves to find a better name for your institution") won their first ever (or "first over") OUA game against Brock, 4 to 2, but then played York and...well, I won't repeat the score. (
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  1. Woolger has left Fredericton. The Daily Gleaner's Bill Hunt had the story this morning:

  2. The Calgary-Saskatchewan story is crazy. Also, nice of you to link my old paper. Gary does a great job of Trinity Western coverage.