Linking the country: a quick mid-week roundup


  • OUA recaps from last night in the Hamilton Spectator, one Windsor newspaper, and Postmedia News. This recap called Queen's the Golden Gaels, not the Queen's Gaels, so that's good, but I'm taking away the karma points because the score was reported as 23-13 even though a) it was 23-18 and 2) neither team had exactly 13 points at any time during the game.

  • Behind-the-scenes note: when we were writing the Mount A preview, we hoped Gary Ross was back because it made Mount A about 200% more exciting. They feel the same way, apparently, since "optimism is rampant" in Sackville in what will be Ross' last year. (The Chronicle-Herald)

  • Regina fullback Cale Inglis is in "fantastic shape" and looks comfortable, feels stronger and more mentally prepared, and is "willing to do whatever's asked of him." Ah, the preseason. (Regina Leader-Post)


  • This is Dave's beat, but Martin Houle won't be between the pipes for UNB this year, after being recruited last year and expected to start this year. (The Daily Gleaner)
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  1. There has indeed been much nashing of teeth all summer in Fredericton about whether Martin Houle, who redshirted last season, would indeed be dressing for UNB as the rumours were rampant, as was the additional worried talk about both of UNB's carry over starters from last season. The Gleaner's Bill Hunt finally got coach Gardiner MacDougall on the record about the status of all three goalies in today's paper.

  2. I might have put something up here earlier, but my real job got in the way today ...

  3. No problem. By "this is Dave's beat" I meant "he would know more" and not "he should have written something this morning about it."

  4. The Mac game was more fun, more excitment and more comedy than a barrelful of monkeys rolling down the Sherman Access. It was also rather fun to go with Rob himself.