Football: Liveblog: Laval at Saint Mary's Queen's at Guelph

Note: Our liveblog has switched to covering Queen's at Guelph. It was 24-0 when we left the Rouge et Or and Huskies behind.

It's the No. 1 team in the country against what is usually the No. 1 team in the AUS. But after the Huskies' loss to Acadia last week--their first such loss since the 2006 Loney Bowl--we find Saint Mary's out of the CIS Top 10. One assumes that won't be the case for long, but with Laval next on their schedule, could SMU start the season 0-2?

Regular Huskie QB Jack Creighton is reportedly sitting this one out; Micah Brown, who's played NAIA and NCAA D-II, will make his CIS debut.

Laval has won every game they've played this year, of course, and done so by 30 points or more every time out. They're certainly the favourite, but that's what we would have said for Saint Mary's last week against Acadia. (And Glen Constantin doesn't think his team is #1 in the country.)

So join us for the game! The broadcast is available on Radio-Canada, nearly nationwide (viewers in B.C. will suffer a tape-delay), and possibly webcasted on EastLink for the unilingual anglophones among us.

(For those wishing to follow along with Queen's at Guelph, The Score has a liveblog running.)
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