Linking the country: From broken bones and severed veins to touchdown catches and one-goal wins

As you wonder whether "Mount up!" has replaced "Suit up!" in New Brunswick ... okay, it probably hasn't.

  • Even if you play for Toronto or York, you can still have bulletin-board material, right? Nathan Riva provides them with some when he talks about the Mustangs' upcoming game against Queen's: "This is the last game pretty much. We have York and Toronto and there’s also a bye." (London Free Press)

  • More optimism in Sackville! And lots of quotes from Kelly Jeffrey. (Times & Transcript)

  • Arden Zwelling runs down three potential Hec candidates. Rotrand SenĂ© is hard to turn down at this point... (University Rush)

  • Jade Etienne, standout receiver with Saskatchewan, had "just two catches prior to this season." I think he's matched his career high... (The Star-Phoenix)

  • Ryan Funk, who formerly spent four years in the WHL in Saskatoon, is one of the U of S's recruits this year. (The Star-Phoenix) Coach Dave Adolph told our Evan Daum that he was immediately impressed by Funk, whose gregarious personality preceded him. (South Campus Sports)

  • Most people, after suffering a severed jugular and nerve damage, and losing a third of their body's blood, probably would not return to the very same activity that caused those to happen. Kurt Jory, however, is back in goal for Brock. (Welland Tribune)
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