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  • Saint Mary's has announced eight recruits, including "quarterback/receiver Micah Brown of Tampa, Fla." That is likely the same Micah Brown whose profile on a scouting website lists him as having attended three colleges and two CFL training camps. It's quite a football CV, to say the least:
    • Auburn Univ/ SMCC (JUCO): 2004 - 2005
      Signed with Auburn Univ. (Nulled) Went to Southwest MS CC

    • West Virginia University- Tech: 2005-2007
      Played under former QB, of one of the founders of the Spread-Option offense (Rich Rodriguez)

    • Saint Paul's College: 2007-2009
      Played under the most winningest coach in Virginia history at any level (Williard Bailey)

    • Toronto Argonauts: 2009

    • Hamilton Tiger-Cats: 2009

    • Team USA: 2009
      Played vs France in Nice (Nizza) on July 4, 2009

    • Basel Meanmachine: 2009
      SAFV (Switzerland)

    Guess he's coming to Canada since it's the only place he hasn't played.

    Defensive tackle Lincoln Bryan, who was a highly regarded recruit at U of T, and former York receiver Kevin Walsh are also bound for the Dog Pound. (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
  • Sticking with SMU, the Fredericton Daily Gleaner's David Ritchie talked to the hockey Huskies' coach Trevor Stienburg about Mike Danton's debut and had a sympathetic take.
    " 'People don't get it. This is not about what's best for the Saint Mary Huskies,' says Stienburg. 'I don't know of any guy added after Christmas who's had much of an impact. I can't name you one guy. It just doesn't happen in this league. Maybe the next year, yeah. We've got what, five or six games left? We've already got a pretty good hockey team. If it was simply a hockey decision, I would say yeah, wait until next year. But this is not what this is about.' "
    Someone send that along to the drive-by media, presuming they can tear themselves away from pictures of shirtless Chicago Blackhawks in the back of a limo.

  • Chris Whitley (Lakehead) was goalie of the week for the third time this season in the Central league. Whitley is playing for the Allen Americans.
  • Waterloo coach Tom Kieswetter has picked up a commitment from a hometown 6-foot-7 forward, Jake Robinet from Sir John A. Macdonald. (CWOSSA Basketball)

  • Western also announced a commitment from 6-foot-5 forward Peter Scholtes out of London Oakridge, which is a regular contender for the Ontario triple-A title.
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  1. "I don't know of any guy added after Christmas who's had much of an impact. I can't name you one guy. It just doesn't happen in this league."

    Steinburg better do some better scouting in "this league" because I would consider Lakehead's three forward additions very "impactful"

    Matt Caria - 8GP 4G 9A 13PTS
    Ryan McDonald - 8GP 5G 3A 8PTS
    Matt Dias - 8GP 5G 3A 8PTS

    That said, maybe I am the fool thinking that guys added after Christmas that score at a point per game clip have an impact in the CIS.

  2. Good catch, it did seem like he was lily-gilding, just a little.

    Then again, Caria, Dias, McDonald at most sat out a few months, not 6 years!

  3. Well I'm pretty certain Stienburg meant the AUS conference when he said "this league'.

    While Steinburg does have a habit a sandbagging a bit in interviews, I think it depends on how you define "impact". There are several point-a-game players in the AUS, but I can't think of any off the top of my head that came in at Christmas and made a dramatic impact on the fortunes of their team -- you know, "Geepers, if Atlantic University hadn't got John Smith at Christmas they might not have finished in first place / made the playoffs."

    But then, I've never seen a guy who played in the NHL become a Christmas addition either ...