Linking the country: would someone introduce Quebecor to the plural possessive, please?

Western 30, Windsor 15 ... better not tell Pat. J Galasso about that scoreboard result.


  • Ugly win for Western. And "to the Lancers credit" should have an apostrophe afrer the s. (London Free Press)

  • 17 unanswered points killed the Bears' chances in their 23-14 loss to Calgary. Again, please note, Sun copydesk: that would be "the Bears' first loss" and not "the Bears first loss." (Edmonton Sun)

  • Greg Layson calls out The Score's Mike Morreale (and by extension, much of Canadian sports media) for what he sees as Morreale's "reluctance to actually do his job and analyze Guelph Gryphons receiver Jedd Gardner's non-catch the officials ruled a touchdown." Despite his spelling of "Sheehan", Layson's right: the replays clearly showed the ball hitting the ground in the end zone, yet Morreale (a "former RECEIVER!") kept saying it wasn't clear, and that the call was probably right. (Big Man on Campus)

  • The solid Monty Mosher doesn't mention two plays that, for me, perfectly encapsulated Laval's blowout win at Saint Mary's. The first was a pass by Laval with the most obvious telegraphed pattern I've seen in CIS football, yet the coverage didn't pick up on it. (As Andrew said at the time, "You're expecting defences to actually read plays instead of just covering whoever's running?") The second play was far less subtle: in the play-by-play, it's only an eight-yard sack on third down near the end of the second, but SMU QB Micah Brown started the play by running thirty yards backward while somehow eluding tacklers and turning around to run 22 yards back up the field. Sociocultural anthropologists will study this behaviour for decades. (The Chronicle-Herald)

  • More observed inconsistency, this time with UBC. (Vancouver Sun)

  • Stefan Ptasek on Brad Sinopoli: "He's the best in the CIS. He's a unique talent." However, I am confused: the Citizen says the Gee-Gees' next two games are "against Queen's on Saturday and Toronto Varsity on Oct. 2." Who's "Toronto Varsity"? (Ottawa Citizen)

  • Someone in the media, I won't say who, promised to be physically sick if the phrase "Gryphs beat Vanier Champs" appeared anywhere outside the Guelph media release. It wasn't clear what this person would do if said phrase appeared in both the headline and nut graf of the local paper. (Guelph Mercury)
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