Linking the country: One lineman, two linemen, three SMU losses, and a #4 team knocks off TWU

As you feel like telling the Hamilton Spectator how to pluralize words ending in -man ...


  • The lede for SMU's loss is as follows: "The Saint Mary’s Huskies are now officially a mess with just over a month to clean it up." Yikes. And I guess it wouldn't be sporting to point out that the Huskies, in a game they lost by two, cost themselves about two points with bad third-down decisions.

    Gary Ross was also hurt in the game, but now that Mount A isn't winless, they might be interesting to watch without him for a change. (The Chronicle-Herald)

  • You'll never see an easier way to obtain a steak-and-eggs meal than is described in this article about Mac's 39-3 win over Windsor. Presumably Pat. J Galasso has no problem with the result on the scoreboard. (Hamilton Spectator)

  • Concordia coach Gerry McGrath does not have any issues with the officiating in his team's loss to Bishop's, none at all, and he especially has nothing, nothing at all, to say about the David Haddrall reception-that-might-not-have-been-a-reception near the end of the game. (Montreal Gazette)

  • Regina kicker Chris Bodnar was also, briefly, a quarterback and running back, thanks to a few special-team fakes in Regina's win. (Regina Leader-Post)


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