Linking the country: A Rye dunk, a Gopher win, an unlikely-to-be-broken record


  • If I told you Laurier lost to Western 46 to 1, and Laurier actually had a lead at one point, can you guess what that lead was, and how long it lasted? (The Cord)

  • 18 field goals are all Aaron Ifield of the Dinos needs to break the career record. Anyone offering odds on that? His previous season high is 14. (Calgary Herald)

  • Keenan MacDougall may not like the attention, but if his Huskies are to stop Eric Glavic and the Dinos this weekend, he and the rest of the Saskatchewan secondary will be vital. (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)

  • Give Brian Dobie credit: a few years after deflecting (valid) criticism of his elder Bisons by (correctly) arguing that university is for everyone, he now points to the 83% average among his 39 recruits as another example of how CIS football isn't always just about football. And, for our readers in Canada's largest province, if that 83 is largely from Manitoba high schools, you should add a few points to convert to the Ontario scale. (Winnipeg Sun)

  • For the hope of CIS and Canada West, let's hope the "extra vigilance" with respect to eligibility means there won't be forfeited games and teams kicked out of the playoffs this year. (Whichever Postmedia outlet originally ran this story)

  • Gary Jeffries and Stefan Ptaszek are close friends. Which only means they'll try harder to beat each other. (Hamilton Spectator)

  • Frank McCrystal doesn't understand why his Rams were voted fifth out of six in the preseason coaches' poll. Someone could tell them, but that might not be a good idea. (Regina Leader-Post)

  • Western's Arden Zwelling has a CIS preview up for The audience for this is obviously those less familiar with the university game, but it's still a decent overview of the league. Even if "Gee-Gees" apparently has an apostrophe now... (
  • Amos Connolly on Mac's newest, Scott Brittain, whom he says has "all-Canadian potential": "When Scott left Canada, he was more like a Dirk Nowitzki -- a tall player who could shoot a bit, pass well and handle the ball. What we have to get back is a little globalization of his game." In other news, the Spec remains the only paper to use "cagers" as a synonym for basketball players. (Hamilton Spectator)

  • Do you want to see a dunk? Ryerson's Jelane Pryce can help you with that. (The Rams Network via @ryersonrams)

  • TWU's Scott Allen wants his team to stop giving up three-balls, thinking their offence was held back by their defence last year. Incidentally, I had the Spartans offensive rank at 11th and their D at 30th, with weaknesses in opponents' adjusted shooting percentage...which basically means he's completely right. (Vancouver Province)

  • Minnesota 80, UBC 62 was the exhibition score, but Howard Tsumura liked what he saw. (Vancouver Province)

  • It's a "Regina kid in Saskatoon" story with third-year striker Nakia Forsberg transferring from the Cougars to the Huskies, where she'll play midfield. (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)
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