Our new look

My modest photoshop skills have produced a badly needed title banner for our little group here, one that has both the Carleton Ravens' raven and a Guelph Gryphons football player (I believe it's Jeff Keegan).

Ideally, I'd like to have a few banners representing teams all over CIS that will rotate each visit. But this is a start. (And if you have any terrific photography from CIS events that we can use, please let me know.)

The other addition here is another blogger in Rob Pettapiece from the University of Waterloo. Welcome to him.

It's a volunteer gig, but if you're interested in blogging on anything CIS, please contact me or Neate about joining up. Right now, we've got three Ontario chaps, so if you're out west (or east), we could use the help.
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