Hoops: Bekkering featured in Sports Illustrated

Calgary Dinos hoopp star Henry Bekkering is continuing to get his minutes -- he's referenced in a Sports Illustrated article by Chris Ballard on the cultural significance of, you guessed it, the slam dunk.

S.I., also showed some respect for the Canadian university game, pointing out it's accommodated Bekkering's total skill set better than his previous stint at Eastern Washington.
"In 2006 he transferred to the University of Calgary, where this season he is
averaging 20.5 points and three dunks a game as a fourth-year junior small
forward. 'I wanted to establish myself as a basketball player,' Bekkering says
of his decision to return to Canada. 'In dunking circles they were always
saying, "There's that white kid who can jump." That's not everything about
basketball.' "

Feel free to pass the link along to any associates who claim "no one dunks" in Canadian university ball.
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