Mac's Captain Video

It's always good to keep on top of what various athletic departments are doing to get their scores and highlights out there.

McMaster has got on the YouTube bandwagon, putting highlight packages on the school website. The reels (put together by Jody Kingsbury, who interned last summer with the Ottawa Lynx, the capital's late and lamented Triple-A baseball team) pretty much capture a CIS atmosphere. It's professional work, but it has just enough DIY trappings to it that you remember you're watching a university game in Canada. (Man, that sounds syrupy -- sorry, maple-syrupy.)

Schools are going to have get more do-it-yourself with storytelling as newspapers continue to face more of a staffing and space crunch. Another point is that school athletics websites down in the U.S. have fetched corporate dollars. There's probably potential to do it on a smaller Canadian scale, but quality content that's going to draw some eyeballs will have to be there.
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