Football: York has their man in McLean

The dot-orgers are talking like it's done deal that Mike McLean will be the next football coach at York.

McLean recently left the Vanier Cup-finalist Saint Mary's Huskies after a successful stint as their defensive co-ordinator. This is a huge score for York if it's the case and if the university is prepared to back it up with a commitment to football. (York will have a new AD this summer, incidentally.)

From afar, McLean has a rep as a defensive guru. That side of the ball has traditionally been the Lions' strong suit, plus focusing on defence might provide a faster road to respectability. Recruiting and retention are going to be 1 and 1-A for York's next coaching staff. Meantime, we'll see what this means for the incumbent coaching staff, which includes Andy McEvoy, who had the interim tag in 2007, along with former Argos defensive back Clifford Ivory and ex-Queen's QB Tom Denison.

Incidentally, the Toronto Star reported two weeks ago that former Hamilton Tiger-Cats coaches Ron Lancaster Jr. and Jamie Barresi were on the shortlist for the job. Apparently two ex-Tabbies running programs in the OUA was enough. Sorry, that's the Argos fan talking.

More news will be passed along as it becomes available.

(UPDATED: It's official. Andy McEvoy will stay on as an assistant coach.)
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  1. If you think that McLean will turn this program around you are sorely mistaken.

  2. Who knows if anyone can, but it looks like he's sure going to try ... is that a comment on the man or on the university? Don't be coy.

  3. Come on, tell us how you really feel.

  4. I'm just thankful that this was something other than hockey news.

    Now, if I can just get you covering rugby...

  5. Hey, I have propped in a few "social" tournaments in my day.