Hoops: Lakehead's "crazy, eclectic bunch"

In case you missed it, Allan Maki had a feature in yesterday's Globe and Mail about Kiraan Posey and Warren Thomas, a pair of Americans playing basketball for Lakehead. (To Maki's credit, it's not a "why are these talented guys not in the States?" story.)

Posey's near the top of the OUA in points per game after previous academic troubles caused him to sit last year. Thomas comes off as world-weary ("I've seen it all and basically done it all. I want to see better things.") and appreciative of the differences between Washington and Thunder Bay ("You leave the keys in your car in Washington and someone will drive off with it.")

Both players are averaging 30 minutes per game, but it's probably about more than court time with the 8-13 Thunderwolves. As Posey puts it: "I talk to my mother every day, sometimes twice a day. She wants me to get an education. This is my chance."

'A great group of dudes' (Allan Maki, Globe and Mail)
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  1. I know I'm biased, but I thought that was a terrific piece. Good human interest content.

    Al's from Thunder Bay originally, actually.

  2. Yeah, I loved that piece as well. Great to see the Globe doing more CIS pieces these days.

  3. That's the one thing about sportswriting in Canada; since we have more of a social safety net and our dominant sport is more middle-class, we aren't conditioned to look for the hardscrabble stories like this one. Sometimes, even when they're there, we shy away a bit (especially as deadlines get tighter and tighter)... good on Mr. Maki (Globe style; use honorifics) for putting that together.