CIS hotbed of Halifax now a one-newspaper town

It seems important to keep our readers informed of positive developments with the CIS and media coverage, so hopefully everyone saw that the Halifax Daily News is no more.

The Halifax Herald goes all out with their university sports coverage, but the Daily News' Chris Kallan and Jody Jewers always provided a second great source for letting us know what was going on with the teams down East.

This does come in what has been a mostly positive year for CIS coverage. There's been a couple more dedicated blogs. We've seen a basketball player get airtime on Canada AM (despite what critiques some people might have had with the questions). Beat writers such as Greg Layson in Guelph and Chad Lucas in Halifax are really showing how a blog can be a good appendix to their newspaper work.

Many schools are also becoming a lot self-directed in getting information out in forms other than a standard dry press release. Losing the Daily News is still a huge blow. Like the Toronto Sun Family said just yesterday with respect to being reduced to a one-newspaper town, "You don't know what you got until it's gone."

(UPDATE: One would have to be a real jerk to mine people losing their jobs for humour, but have no fear, Marty York did so today: "The CFL will have to live with this: Metro newspapers have beaten the league to the punch by expanding to Halifax.")
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