A 'celebrity' sighting at York

I took in Game 2 of the York vs. Western first-round men's hockey match-up on Saturday afternoon, a 6-1 win by the Mustangs that was a real dismantling of what looked like an overmatched Lions team.

Sitting up in the restaurant area in the Canlan Ice Sports complex at York, it was hard not to notice an NHLer there, briefly, taking in the action. The Oilers' Raffi Torres, a Toronto native, hasn't played since mid-December due to a knee injury, but met with a few friends during the game at the table next to us. He didn't stick around long.

Given there were only a handful of non-parents in the crowd for this one, Torres was hard to miss.
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  1. Hey, Dany Heatley was apparently at both Toronto-Ottawa games last weekend to watch his brother Mark play.