Second Annual MUBL Live Draft

The Masters University Basketball League, the most popular CIS basketball fantasy league in the world, is back for a second season of drafting, lineup setting, and cursing of Tyler Fidler's most recent performance. (I think the last one was just me.)

The draft is today at 7:00pm ET, and our eight owners (up from six last year) will do their best to end up with the best players across the country.

Background on the league can be found here and last year's results are here. An added wrinkle to the rules this year is that everyone is allowed to keep three players after the season ends, for up to three years, so there may be a shift away from fourth- and fifth-year players in later rounds as everyone looks to the future.

Will Neate Sager defend his title? Will Greg Layson finish last again? And with Boris Bakovic's CIS career over, who will be the first overall pick?

Fascinating questions, all. We'll begin to answer them in a few hours.

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