Football: Liveblog: Queen's at Western

It's the 4-1 Western Mustangs, ranked #5 in the FRC-CIS poll, hosting (still technically) the defending Vanier Cup champion Queen's Golden Gaels (1-3), for Homecoming weekend in London.

Arden Zwelling and MUBL Second-Last-Place-Finisher Chris Lund have previewed the game, some guy has made Western 9.5-point favourites, and Justin Dunk has predicted a 27-20 UWO win.

What else do you need to know? Nothing, that's what. Neate Sager will be your guide to this battle between the purple and the "yellow and red and whatever else the colours are". Join us at 1:00pm ET.

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  1. Judging from what I saw, one must ask whether the Gaels pulled-the-shoot when the going got hard in this one.

  2. Frankly, it's not clear what is the point of saying that.

    Queen's has had 4 starters go down off an already young team. It's not out of the realm for a score to get out of hand once the better team, which was Western on Saturday, has asserted its dominance. Once Western restored that 23-point spread at 33-10, did it matter what happened over the 11, 12 minutes? 46-10, 33-23, it was still a pretty thorough victory by Western. They will not make the Vanier Cup this season with the type of offence they're running, but full credit to them for working with what they have to become an effective team.

  3. I'm not trying to be difficult but the facial expressions and frustrated gestures, by players and coaches alike, made me wonder. Oh, by the way, it is never acceptable to shrug your shoulders and give up; the Gaels' program and returning champions have accomplished too much for that type of act. Still, whether they pulled-the-shoot or not is a subjective call; I have been wrong in the past.

  4. Perhaps getting these Gaels motivated is like trying to fire up a Canadian hockey team once it's out of the running for a gold medal.

    Does that make U of T the equivalent of the 1998 Kazakhstan world junior team? We'll find out on Saturday afternoon.

    One of the best bits of journalistic advice I ever got was from Pat Sheahan: "Never claim to know what is going on with someone else's football team."

    By the way, in 2007 there was another OUA team which started 1-4 despite outgaining its opponents in total yardage almost every week.

    What happened to Western that season?