Linking the country: Laurier's football farce continues, Wickenheiser's debut, and a kicker goes down


  • Greg Layson skewers the Golden Hawks over the Dave Montoya situation. (Big Man on Campus)

  • David Grossman, on the other hand, uses the word "controversial" to describe the ruling by CIS. He must not have read that piece I linked about 2 cm above. Or this one, in which Layson lays it out very clearly: "Registering in January 2010 — and withdrawing before the end of the season, no less — makes you eligible for neither the 2009 OUA football season nor the 2010 campaign." (Toronto Star)

  • Tyler Crapigna might have a broken ankle after a late tackle in what sounds like a very chippy game. Our Mike Radoslav says tackling a kicker is never acceptable; our Brian Decker "couldn't see if the hit was intentional." (Hamilton Spectator)

  • Neither Gary Ross nor Jermaine Oram will play this weekend for the Mounties. Yikes. (Times & Transcript)


  • The Cougars' women's team, despite being ranked 6th in the Canada West in the first poll, think they can do better. As long as they "play consistently" and have "good goaltending" and "get pucks to the net" and are "shooting the puck" and are confident. (Regina Leader-Post)

  • However, first they have to go through Hayley Wickenheiser and the Dinos. Sorry to the rest of the Calgary team, who I'm sure can skate circles around me, but that's the angle on the story I'm linking. (Regina Leader-Post)

  • Nipissing hosts the Redmen and Patriotes this weekend, a tough order for early in the year. (North Bay Nugget)

  • Here's one of those point-counterpoint articles, one side saying CIS shouldn't get in bed with players nobody else wants, and the other side arguing that Mike Danton and Michael Liambas are "temporary aberrations." You can guess which side is argued by our Evan Daum. (The Gateway)
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  2. Cox has to be on some kind of steroids which cause people to make gross oversimplications.

    Get it through your head, Damosaur: Hockey and football are different sports. Lumping in Montoya with Danton and Wickenheiser (who are each taking more than one class that requires setting foot on campus) is asinine.

    Then he criticizes CIS for "bizarre eligibility rules" and asks rhetorically for an age limit. The rule Laurier broke is an age limit -- you get seven years to play five from the time you finish high school at age 18 or 19.

  3. Bullshit. What the hell is the CIS doing? Mike Danton plays hockey for SMU, Hayley wickenheiser for Calgary? Thats ok but in football? Oh no can't do that? get real

  4. How many other ex-cons are in men's hockey? The same as how many other 32-year-old four-time Olympians are in women's hockey.

    Point being, you do not make policy for one outlying example. However, three years ago we had a Vanier Cup championship team whose starting lineup had a higher average age than the Green Bay Packers.

    By that rationale, the football rule makes sense in football.

    Any reservations about Wickenheiser and/or Danton are understandable. However, just having a couple outliers in other sports does not justify rule-flouting in football.

  5. Might I also remind you the football coaches voted in this rule ...