Linking the country: but how can York win if it rains?

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  • I'll grant the rivalry stuff, the "they beat Western twice last year" motivation, the "avenging the Yates Cup loss" angle, and the homecoming excitement, all of which make this an important game for the Mustangs. But I can't get that excited about a game involving a 1-3 team who are likely to finish .500 (or even below) in the country's weakest division among those with more than four teams. In other words, I agree with John Surla. Also note that this game is so big and so important, yet the article calls Billy McPhee "Justin." (London Free Press; as well, see University Rush: Western and Queen's preview)

  • Ex-Golden Hawk Chima Ihekwoaba has had an instructive experience, training with the Detroit Lions and playing preseason games. (

  • Not to jump over Jake Sazio's football dreams, because he's bigger than me, but if he wasn't the grandson of Ralph Sazio, would he even get his name into the paper? "19 year old too small and slow to make CIS football team" is not quite dog-bites-man, but it does possibly indicate that Canadian football has evolved in the past 50 years or something. (Toronto Star)

  • Because we don't have enough OUA football links, here's a Spec article that tries, adorably, to make the McMaster-York game appear somewhat interesting. Mac has to play on grass! People will be cheering for York! (Hamilton Spectator)


  • Zary asks Jon Kreiner and Lisa Thomaidis what they think about the new regionals format in women's basketball, while Kreiner's Thunderwolves are in Saskatoon to play the Huskies in a preseason game (Sask. won, by the way). (The Star-Phoenix)
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  1. The AUS just called to say they want their 'weakest division' title back. It's the only thing they own and they insist on keeping it.

  2. True. Change made. I wouldn't want to take that away from them. I was just on a roll, is all.