Linking the country: Counting down to tipoff in Canada West

As we assure you that our CW men's basketball preview is in the mail ...


Dave Montoya: "Not only do I get damaged but the football team gets damaged because someone didn’t do their job properly." Also in the article, "Montoya believes the CIS did a poor job informing schools of the change, adding the revised rule didn’t appear on the CIS website until Aug. 25 when a new eligibility package was posted." (Burlington Post)

Morris Dalla Costa thinks the Mustangs "have a better chance of winning a Yates Cup this year than they did last year, when quarterback Michael Faulds was flinging the ball all over the park." Why? Defence. (London Free Press)

The folks at Rouge Radio have their latest weekly Canadian football show posted, which includes a CIS recap with Michel Belanger. (This has nothing to do with the podcast, but it's amusing and it fits here as well it would anywhere else: after Carleton beat UBC in the Final 8, and Scotiabank Place staff started converting the arena back to hockey, Belanger remained in his seat, presumably tasked with enough work for five people and frantically typing and working away while the floor turned to ice around him. We never saw him leave, and he may still be there.) (Rouge Radio)


Brittany Read won't play this year for the Cougars. Coach Dave Taylor got the news six hours after being ranked No. 1 in Canada West, which prompted him to text others in the league with the message: "Brittany's out for the year. I demand a recount."(Regina Leader-Post)

Tessa and Kayla Klassen, twin sisters, will play each other next week in UFV's opener. (Abbotsford News)

In other notable friends-turned-enemies-on-the-court news, we have coaches Gil Cheung (Brandon) and Scott Clark (TRU), who coached together at SFU. (Kamloops Daily News)

Darren Zary has an advance on the Sask-UBC women's two-gamer starting tonight. (The Star-Phoenix)

Wilson Wong has passed along word that CiTR will broadcast all UBC home games as well as their games in Victoria and Langley. My math puts that at 32 games: 16 men's, 16 women's. This weekend's opening series will be ones to watch for sure (both the women and men). On the women's broadcasts are Wong and Howard Tsumura, and Daryl Wener and Doug Richards will call the men's games. Amazing what you can do at a school with a proper campus radio station.

The Lancers are probably the favourite in the OUA West after finishing second to SFU last year, but we'll see how both Windsor and Western look against some AUS teams at the Don Grant Classic in Moncton this weekend. Both teams, as well as the Marauders, play SMU, Acadia, and UNB. (Times & Transcript)


Eric Thurston is disappointed by his Bears' split against UBC last weekend. (The Gateway)

Carleton goaltender Eri Kiribuchi was inspired by the Olympics in Nagano, and as Neate has pointed out, might end up playing against one of those Olympians if the Ravens ever meet the Dinos. (Ottawa Sun)

CIS men's hockey rankings mean nothing, says Bruce Hallihan by way of Bill Hunt. Just because UNB is ranked behind a team they beat in September? There are other reasons to champion the Reds as No. 1; that seems like weak reasoning to me. (Daily Gleaner)
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1 comment:

  1. After reading Bruce's column, I agree with a lot of what he said. Alberta shouldn't have gone in as #1 in my opinion - they probably should be #2, but that being said I would have to agree with Rob on the weak reasoning front.

    The fact that the vast majority of a team that lost one regular season game all of last year is back is a much stronger point in favour of UNB being #1 than pointing to one preseason win over the Bears - albeit that win was impressive.

    He does make the point that the top 10 is generating discussion - and that's all that really matters at this point.