Linking the country: Remember the Grizzlies

As you kindly refrain from pointing out that the Canucks aren't three-time defending champions ...


Matt Morencie, son of coach Mike, had some heated-talkin' and notebook-grabbin' to deliver to Windsor columnist Bob Duff, according to a few people at the game Saturday. This Sunday column of Duff's was printed after the confrontation, but I'm guessing it was prepared in advance (it likely wasn't a response to Saturday's events, is my point). (One Windsor newspaper via Big Man on Campus)

SMU's win over Mount A was "remarkably ugly" according to Monty Mosher. So after all the drama, the Huskies can finish first anyway with a win next week. (The Chronicle-Herald)

Stu Lang on his team's loss to Ottawa: "We were awful. We didn't punt well, we didn't play offence well and we didn't play defence well. What else can you say?" With that loss, the top four seeds in the OUA are as predicted despite the seeming unpredictability of the season. (Ottawa Citizen)

A lot of work clearly goes into "Recrutement universitaire 2011", so be sure to check out the recruitment spreadsheet maintained in part by Deux Fans. (

A short piece on former Gael, now Al Mike Giffin. (The Suburban)


A great article on former Grizz Michael Dickerson's new practice schedule with UBC, written by Howard Tsumura, who covered the Grizzlies in a previous life. There aren't many NBA roster spots available for someone who hasn't played in the league in eight years, but if it means we get to see decade-old pictures of someone driving past Vince Carter then I'm all for it. (Little Man on Campus)

Our Andrew Bucholtz and CIS deity Mark Wayck provided a CIS preview over at Raptors HQ.

The Regina men are a "work in progress" and full of "grit and determination", says coach James Hillis. I want to see a team full of determinism. Then again, they probably wouldn't bother playing their games. (Regina Leader-Post)


UBC's Jen Hinze and Kyla Richey are off at the FIVB worlds, meaning the 'Birds are "starting their season with, say, no Sedins, no Roberto Luongo and no Ryan Kesler." If Luongo and the better half of the Sedin twins are the third- and fourth-ranked players in the entire league, then that's exactly what it's like. (Vancouver Province)


A UOIT first: Jessica Larabie was female athlete of the week after a shutout and a 1-0 loss, stopping 43 of 44 shots. (CIS via the shouting @UOITRidgebacks)

I'd go to many cities to watch Laurier play Guelph in women's hockey--I even went to Guelph--but I'd have to think twice about a game in Brantford. Sounds like fun, though, with Walter Gretzky of course in attendance. (Brantford Expositor)
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