Linking the country: it's October, must be MUBL time

As you hope for a World Series game to be played outdoors in November in the coldest city in the continental U.S. ...


  • The 5-9, 165 Connor Haas filled in at receiver for the Rams this weekend after several Regina injuries. Haas gives the standard response from any 5-9, 165 person when that person is actually given a chance to play football: "I'll take it for as long as I can." (Regina Leader-Post)

  • It doesn't matter to either team that UBC are ranked dead-last in RPI, or that SFU have gone 0-5 in their first NCAA season. It's the Shrum Bowl! (Vancouver Province)

  • RPI (the school, not the ranking system) were both disappointed to turn the puck over so much and lose 4-1 to the UNB, but also impressed by a very good (if older) team. (Troy Record)

  • Mackenzie Rizos, "one of [the Huskies'] hardest working players", is one of two goaltenders taking over after Vanessa Frederick's departure from the U of S, ranked 7th last year in RPI (the ranking system, not the school). (The Star-Phoenix)


  • Who has Simon Farine at the top of their MUBL draft boards? (

  • Mark Wacyk has a spelling mistake in the headline here: it should read "Lakehead Great Group of Dudes." (


  • The 2010 Queen's Men's Volleyball Invitational Schedule includes Queen's (of course), Western, Brandon, and TWU. Or, if you prefer: 2nd in last year's RPI, 7th, 12th, and 8th. Not bad for the preseason. (Queen's University Athletics)
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