Hockey: CIS top 10 take two - Bears hold down number-one ranking

It's week two of the CIS top 10 rankings, and while most of us can agree that the first poll had its flaws, the top five inside the rankings remains unchanged from a week ago.

Here's a look at the poll from week two:

1. Alberta (5-1-0) / 166 pts (6) / (1)
2. McGill (6-0-0) / 154 (6) / (2)
3. UNB (3-1-0) / 150 (6) / (3)
4. StFX (4-0-0) / 131 / (4)
5. Saint Mary's (2-1-0) / 98 / (5)
6. Western Ontario (4-0-1) / 78 / (10)
7. Saskatchewan (3-3-0) / 52 / (6)
8. Manitoba (2-1-1) / 44 / (9)
9. Concordia (5-1-0) / 39 / (NR)
10. Calgary (4-2-0) / 28 / (NR)

Dropped from the rankings: Moncton (#7 last week), Ryerson (#8 last week)
Also receiving votes: Carleton (16), Wilfrid Laurier (13), Lakehead (7), Acadia (6), Moncton (6), Regina (2).

The debate sparked from the first poll is well documented, and if you need a refresher just take a look at David's post from last week.

While I still fall under the category of people who think there are better teams out there at this point of the season than Alberta - who is a top three team, just maybe not the best right now - the fact of the matter is that the Bears will hold down the top spot as long as they keep winning. That's just how the rankings work.

The biggest mover inside the top 10 from last week is the Western Ontario Mustangs who move up four notches and remain one of three teams in the nation without a regulation loss - McGill and St. FX being the others. It should come as no surprise that Clarke Singer has his team off to a good start.

Falling out of the top 10 from last week is Moncton, and Ryerson. The Aigles Bleus went 0-2-1 over their last three contests, seeing their record drop to 2-2-1, while the Rams - who lost both their games over the weekend in Ottawa - also find their short stay inside the top 10 over for the time being.

The poll isn't a big departure from last week - the only significant change inside the top five is the fact that Alberta, McGill and UNB now have identical first place vote numbers. With only two games this weekend featuring top 10 teams going head-to-head - #1 Alberta in a home-and-home with #10 Calgary - next week's poll could look very similar.
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1 comment:

  1. Well, I'll start the whinning as a UNB fan this week. How did we possibly lose a first place vote this past weekend (had 7 first place votes last week and 6 this week)... I guess we didn't beat Acadia by enough?..cause we completely blew out Dal.

    Anyway at least good to see that our points overall are way most of the voting must have UNB in the top five as opposed to last week