Column to be named later: A look at the Q

This week the QSSF changed to the RSEQ, and I promise that at one point we will come up with a catchy name for this column. Even if it is only in time for next year.

In any event, this week there are a couple of things to look at, and before we begin, how about McGill and Concordia? The two schools lead the OUA East in men’s hockey probably the first team Quebec teams are 1-2 in the OUA East and one of them was not UQTR.

But since that’s the OUA and this is a RSEQ column (even I have a French-English quota, you know…) on to women’s hockey and football. Basketball will lead next week when we post our QUBL previews (and, it may not even suck this year!)

The QUFL is now entering the last week of the regular season, and while the scenarios are not as exciting as last year, there are still scenarios up for grabs this week.

Laval is 8-0 and obviously has nothing to play for, except for another undefeated season. McGill is 0-8 and obviously has nothing to play for, except to avoid another winless season.

They will both be playing 4-4 teams this week. Laval goes to Concordia and plays the Stingers and Sherbrooke is home to McGill. Those two games seem like they will be gimmes, but never underestimate McGill looking to avoid a winless season. They are more talented then previous 0-for teams. Concordia went to CEPSUM and beat Montreal, and are playing for their playoff lives.

The other game is a matchup of 5-3 teams Bishop’s and Montreal. Bishop’s will look to get back on track, and both teams are fighting for home-field advantage in the 2-3 semi-final and even worse: a Bishop’s loss could see them fall to 4th and have to go to Quebec City.

McGILL 0-8

Playoff Scenarios:
If Laval, Montreal and Sherbrooke win: Bishop’s @ Laval, Sherbrooke @ Montreal

If Laval, Bishop’s and Sherbrooke win: Sherbrooke @ Laval, Montreal @ Bishop’s

If Laval and McGill win: Sherbrooke @ Laval, Winner of Montreal/Bishop’s hosts re-match of semifinal.

If Concordia, Montreal and Sherbrooke win: Concordia @ Laval, Sherbrooke @ Montreal

If Concordia, Bishop’s and Sherbrooke win: Concordia @ Laval, Sherbrooke @ Montreal

If Concordia, Bishop’s and McGill win: Concordia @ Laval, Montreal @ Bishop’s

If Concordia, Montreal and McGill win: Bishop’s @ Laval, Concordia @ Montreal

All games are Saturday at 1pm. Concordia and Laval will be on the Team 990 radio and I believe SSN will be webcasting the game.

Montreal and Bishop’s will be on Radio-Canada by TV and webcast.

McGill and Sherbrooke will not be on radio or webcast as far as I can tell, but both teams are pretty good at giving updates on Twitter.

Women’s hockey:
It was another weird week of scheduling (Concordia has played more games than any other team so far), and a lot of close games.

Montreal lost to McGill 5-2 last Wednesday, as McGill keeps rolling but the margins do seem a little closer than we’re used to. However, Charline Labonte has yet to dress for a game.

Montreal then beat Ottawa 3-2 on Saturday, and no details are available for that game. Between that and Neate’s article this past week, another great week for women’s hockey.

Concordia played two games this weekend, and lost 2-1 in shootouts in both. So much for that offensive explosion I talked about last week.

The week ahead:
Friday: Montreal @ Concordia 7:30pm
Saturday: Carleton @ McGill 2:00pm
Sunday: McGill @ Ottawa 2:00pm
Carleton @ Montreal 2:00pm

CONCORDIA 2-1-2 --- 6pts
CARLETON 2-0-0 --- 4pts
McGILL 2-0-0 --- 4pts
MONTREAL 1-1-1 --- 3pts
OTTAWA 1-3-0 ---2pts
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  1. Thanks for pointing that out.

    It's now corrected.

  2. For starters, there is ZERO chance Concordia will win, so throw those scenarios out.

    Secondly, Q playoffs are an utterly futile exercise. Until another French program joins the league, the QUFL will remain the most predictable, least-competitive conference in all of North American college football (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, etc.).

  3. Come now. What about the AUS? The same four schools have dominated the Jewett Trophy for the past 35 years.