Hockey: First CIS Top 10 Poll of the Season

(Neate used to take care of these, and I don't know if we really established who would take care of the weekly post this year. Was it supposed to be Evan? I'll just jump in and beg for forgiveness later.)

The CIS just released the first Men's Hockey Top 10 for 2010-11:

(regular season record) / (votes – first-place votes) / (previous rankings)
1. Alberta (3-1-0) / 159 pts (2) / (-)
2. McGill (4-0-0) / 139 (6) / (-)
3. UNB (1-1-0) / 116 (7) / (-)
4. StFX (2-0-0) / 107 / (-)
5. Saint Mary’s (1-1-0) / 91 (2) / (-)
6. Saskatchewan (2-2-0) / 59 (2) / (-) [No #1 votes for UofS!]
7. Moncton (2-0-0) / 49 (1) / (-)
8. Ryerson (4-1-0) / 43 / (-)
9. Manitoba (1-1-0) / 41 / (-)
10. Western Ontario (2-0-1) / 38 / (-)

Other teams receiving votes: Waterloo (37), Wilfrid Laurier (28), Concordia (27), Queen’s (23), Acadia (10), UPEI (5), Regina (5), Lakehead (4), Windsor (3), Calgary (2), UQTR (2), Carleton (1), Guelph (1).

What is interesting to note is that UNB had the most first place votes, seven, while Alberta had only two, and yet Alberta gets the overall number one rankings. So most voters preferred UNB or McGill for 1st, and then Alberta for 2nd in the rankings. In politics you call that coming up the middle in a split vote. On the other hand many voters (McGill lovers?) punished UNB for losing a close game to UPEI, and maybe forgetting that the V-Reds went 8-0 in the preseason, including a decisive win over Alberta? Interesting to see Ryerson in the Top 10 for the first time in who knows how long.

Update: The CIS story has now been released:
CIS Men’s Hockey Top 10 (#1): Alberta opens at No. 1, University Cup champion Huskies No. 5

Note: The first release from the CIS on their website, that I copied and pasted originally into this post, had two #1 votes for Saskatchewan (20 voters in total). Then the later CIS release with the rankings plus story, that I linked to above, had no #1 votes for Saskatchewan (18 voters in total). So it appears there is/was a mistake from the CIS reflected in my original post.
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  1. Evan and David can gladly arm-wrestle for it, since Y! is keeping me busy.

    Congrats to Graham Wise at Ryerson, this is surely one of the Rams' first appearances in the Top 10. I say this as a voter who did not have the Rams on the ballot. Put two other "Also Receiving Votes" OUA teams in the 9 and 10 slots. Neither represents an institution I atttended.

  2. well I had only two OUA teams on my ballot this time, and Ryerson wasn't one of them. Conference wins over RMC (twice), Carleton and Nipissing didn't impress me enough.

  3. I'm sure Evan doesn't mind a break.

    And can I just say, to whoever is in charge of putting all the preseason results for men's hockey together (in one PDF, no less): RPI enthusiasts everywhere thank you very much. Saves me lots of time...

  4. Well i guess UNB had to be punished for losing their first regular season game...but I'd place my bets on UNB getting back to the top within a couple weeks. Laid a beating on Alberta/Calgary in pre-season, and should show their ability on home ice this weekend against 2 non-top 10 teams.

  5. Rob's right - a break is fine by me after the insanity that is midterm week.

    First of all - UNB should be the number-one team, with Alberta two and St. FX third, followed by McGill in my opinion.

    Big step for Ryerson to be inside the top 10 even though I don't see them being a mainstay in the poll through out the course of the season.

    The Rams are overrated to start the season, and the second best team in the OUA in my opinion Western will be a far better team in the long run.

    It's the first poll, and it's a starting point, but in no way will the top 10 look all that similar to this in a months time.

    Something fun to talk about though.

  6. Well, if the goal of the poll is to spark conversation, it has been successful in Fredericton. Wednesday local radio personality Mark Roberts questioned how a UNB team that "crushed" Alberta in their barn in the preseason could be behind them in the rankings. Thursday, Daily Gleaner sportswriter, and voter, Bruce Hallihan reacted midway through his weekly column:
    Today, fellow writer and columnist Bill Hunt led his column with a thorough critique of the first rankings:
    This weekend David Ritchie and I will be broadcasting both UNB home games for Rogers TV, and I'm sure it will come up ...