Linking the country: But the shutout was unbroken, and the defence gave no token

As you make a cup of tea, or put a record on, or both ...

  • That Mac-York game wasn't so great after all, but then again it was raining on Saturday (before you ask: no, I'll never get tired of that). The central event in the game story is a set of three consecutive goal-line stands by the depleted Marauader D-line. The chances of the average CFL team failing to score from the 1, given three tries, is less than one quarter of one percent. Clearly the odds for York are much higher. (Hamilton Spectator)

  • How does a thigh injury make someone into a better quarterback? That's apparently the case with Donnie Marshall, not referred to here as Justin Marshall, because that would be incorrect. (London Free Press)

  • No Gary Ross and a loss for Mount A; three touchdowns from rookie X-Man Jordan Catterrall in a 37-26 win. (The Chronicle-Herald)

  • Far be it from me to say that Queen's observers or supporters might overreact to losses, but they have apparently gone from a "dangerous-looking" team to a team that might not even make the playoffs. In just four quarters! (Kingston Whig-Standard)

  • Seemingly every campus newspaper thinks "Gee-Gee's" is the right decision to make, which makes it easier to laugh off being rejected (twice) by one's own campus paper back in the day. This time it's The Varsity who makes the apostrophe mistake (twice), which makes sense...the University of Toronto is not known for its academics. (The Varsity)

  • SMU lost to UPEI 5-2; it was 4-0 at one point. Trevor Stienburg thinks his team "pouted like a bunch of six-year-olds" after penalty trouble. (The Guardian)

  • The Raven men have not allowed a goal since the 28th. That would be October 28th. Of last year. The streak is now 943 minutes, apparently. Anyone know the CIS record? (@amkfoote)

  • The U of S Huskie women, who (spoiler alert) might be near the top of our pre-season rankings, have seven new players this year, one of whom is of course SFU transfer and last year's defensive player of the year Katie Miyazaki. (The Star-Phoenix)
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