Football: Point spreads, Oct. 15-17

14 for 28 so far...let's take a look at this weekend's games:

StFX at Saint Mary's (-21.5)
Calgary at Saskatchewan (-12.5)

Mount Allison at Acadia (-12)
McMaster at Toronto (+15)
Windsor at Guelph (-13)
Concordia at Sherbrooke (-10)
Montreal at McGill (+11)
Western at York (+35)
Queen's at Laurier (-4)
Regina at Manitoba (+10)
UBC at Alberta (-12.5)

Bishop's at Laval (-23)

I hope the games are closer than this, but then again, last week saw winning margins of 27, 30, 46, 23, and 65--five of the nine on the schedule.
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1 comment:

  1. Yeah yeah, Mr. Rob who had a 15.5 pts differential last week for Laval vs Mtl...

    Still your Sunday's game seems a bit high for me, I would bet against you this week again...

    Have a nice football w-e...