Shameless self-promotion ...

A couple media dealie-type things:
  • Our Ottawa readers might like or hate this: The 6th Sens had me as a guest on their hockey podcast over the weekend.

  • Please check out Yahoo! Sports' Fourth Place Medal, at your leisure. Someone from this site will be writing there during the Vancouver Olympics.

  • The same guy wrote a rant for (a great baseball blog) about Chicago Cubs fans who were upset Andre Dawson entering the Baseball Hall of Fame as an Expo.

  • Greg Hughes, whom you might remember from such as football liveblogs as pretty much every one we held during football season, had some pointed impressions that came out of the Canadian Association of Journalists conference. "Journalists have a lot of tools to use in reporting, but generally don’t use them especially well ... a lot of ideas about the Good Old Days of media consumption belong in a time of pre-information scarcity ... You will not make any money charging for content through paywalls."

    Someone needs to print that out to show to people in Ontario newsrooms, preferably by stapling it to their foreheads.
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