MUBL Week 6 Results: First sweep of the season, top-ranked matchup coming up

This week, the notable events happened to Queen'speople past and present: Chris Lund suffered the ignominy of being the first owner to be shut out of all categories, Neate Sager's four-week winning streak was snapped, and Andrew Bucholtz picks up a 5-2-1 win to set himself up for this week's 1-vs.-2 showdown.

Full results are here.

Helped, perhaps, by Terrence Brown's absence from the UPEI lineup, some guy tied first-place Neate 4 to 4. Elsewhere, Bucholtz's boys had an off-week in terms of scoring, but the Big Men on Campuses couldn't crack 20 points per 40 and lost 2-5-1. Boris Bakovic's ejection likely cost Andrew the assists category; he tied that one. And Mark Masters finally beat someone, sweeping Chris 8-0. Every one of his players scored at a better rate than Chris's team, and merely putting out Nick Magalas gave Mark the win in three-pointers.

Standings through Week 6 (W-L-T, points in parentheses):
1. Sager 32-16-0 (32)
2. Bucholtz 26-19-3 (27.5)
3. Pettapiece 24-23-1 (24.5)
4. Masters 24-24-0 (24)
5. Layson 18-28-2 (19)
6. Lund 16-30-2 (17)

With #1 playing #2 this week, there is the potential for separation between Neate and Andrew and the rest of us. We'll see how it goes.

This week's matchups: 1 vs. 2, 4 vs. 5, 3 vs. 6.
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  1. Time to revamp the lineup. This blows.

    - Chris

  2. Don't be hasty...I'm okay if you want to go 0-8 again this week.

  3. Chris should call his team, "Two Guys From Kabul."

    "Sometimes I think you want to fail!"

    $5 to the first person who gets the reference.