Basketball: That's the way the cookie crumbles; Christie off team at Mac

The Ryan Christie soap opera is over, for now, at McMaster:
"In his first game as a Marauder last October, Christie scored 19 points and added eight rebounds.

" 'There's no question he's a talented athlete,' Raso added. "But we just couldn't get him to do all the things we wanted him to do.

" 'He's still enrolled at McMaster. I expect him to finish off this term and work towards his degree. But basketball-wise, it's open for him to do whatever he wants.'

"Marauders won all three games when Christie didn't dress from Nov. 14-21.

" 'I'm not too upset or concerned about it,' said Christie of his departure. "Whether it's fair or not is not for me to decide.' "
Speaking as a neutral observer, it is a shame it has not worked out (important to use present tense) for the Marauders and one of the best of the deep freshman class across the country.

Mac coach cuts rookie forward (Larry Moko, Hamilton Spectator
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