Hockey: Saturday night all right for live blogging; UOIT-Western,

Our brothers-in-blog from the Western Gazette have live coverage of Saturday night's game between the UOIT Ridgebacks and No. 3 (for now) Western Mustangs.

Western is coming off a 6-5 loss to Brock, but all is not blue in London, since the Mustangs' Tiana Enhorning was named Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week. Good for her, although someone should have the heart to tell her someone who gives the Toronto Maple Leafs as their favourite team need not add "no matter their record," since that's kind of a given.

As the Gazette's Arden Zwelling tweeted, "Now if only we could get SI to recognize an actual Canadian university sport." (Relax, he didn't mean cheerleading isn't a sport, he just meant it's not sanctioned by CIS. Actually, it was the former.)
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  1. the "No. 4 Western Mustangs" ? Prediction for next week's rankings?