Basketball: MUBL Week 5 results: Sager bombs the Lund with Glover-boy

In the first week back from the break, we had a near-sweep from our first-place-for-awhile owner, Mr. Neate Sager, who has gone 6-2 or better in every week since Week 2. And it looks like first place is going to be his for most of January...

Full results are here.

Showron Glover not only helped the Huskies, but also the [Name Of Sager's Fantasy Team That He Thinks Is Witty But Nobody Else Gets]: 78 of 241 points, 13 of 24 three-balls, 8 of 19 steals. If only he had three more blocks, Chris Lund would have been the first to lose every single category in one week!

Trash-talking someone while they're broadcasting a game is never a good idea, which is why I didn't do it to Greg Layson on Saturday. Turns out, he beat me pretty thoroughly: 6-2, missing only free-throw percentage and blocks (by a measly score of 4 to 2 in the latter). SMU's Mark McLaughlin is forever in my debt.

Now that we've played everyone else once, Mark Masters finds himself alone in the "has not beaten anyone else" group, having gone 4-4 or worse every week and in last place (barely). This week was no nicer to him, with a 5-3 loss to Andrew Bucholtz's group of ridiculous high-scorers: he's now been above 25 points per 40 three times out of five.

Standings through Week 5 (W-L-T, points in parentheses)
1. Sager 28-12-0 (28)
2. Bucholtz 21-17-2 (22)
3. Pettapiece 20-19-1 (20.5)
4. Lund 16-22-2 (17)
5. Layson 16-23-1 (16.5)
6. Masters 16-24-0 (16)

It appears, about halfway through the schedule, that there are two groupings of owners, and the top group just happens to be the editorial staff here. There is no causal relationship there whatsoever, I assure you.

This week's matchups: 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 5, 4 vs. 6.
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  1. Needs more pictures of Loverboy.

  2. That sound you hear is floor boards cracking as Mike Reno takes the stage...