A New Face In The Crowd

When a new face shows up, it’s always good to provide a little bit of background, so allow me to introduce myself since you’re likely going to be seeing my name on these pages a fair bit in the next couple of months. My name is Sean Furfaro, and I’m going to be covering the OUA West on cisblog.ca. Since the crew here has put their faith in me, let me take a moment to give you a short bio and my credentials.

I’ve been following the OUA West (and CIS as a whole) closely for almost 20 years, consistently following men’s and women’s basketball every season. Beginning as a fan attending games at my alma mater, the University of Waterloo, I progressed to a role as the Public Address announcer at UW for a number of years, and then on to an on-air role with Rogers TV as host and play-by-play announcer for OUA games. Currently I am “The Voice of the Gryphons," working with the University of Guelph. I’ve also done a fair bit of writing on the OUA, and have experience webcasting games as well. I’m very passionate about the sport and the league, and I see approximately 60-70 live games per season, aside from the games I see on television and on webcasts.

I’ve been a reader of cisblog.ca for some time now, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team. This is without a doubt the best resource around for fans of CIS athletics. Rest assured that my analysis and opinions are and will continue to be objective and not based on where I graduated, or where I announce. I am honest, opinionated, and blunt, something that readers of my own blog will recognize. (If you click the link to my blog, be warned it's not exclusive to sports, but I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy.)

I look forward to being part of the The CIS Blog team. Bring on the second half of the season!
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