Hockey: 3rd sex assault charge for Brock goalie

There is more to the unfolding story about Brock goalie Mark Yetman.
"A Brock University goalie is now accused of sexually assaulting three woman.

"Niagara Regional Police said Friday they charged Mark Yetman, 21, of Thorold, with sexual assault, two counts of choking and one count of threatening.

"Those charges were in addition to two counts of sexual assault police laid against Yetman earlier in the week."
One wonders how big this might become as a news story, especially if it goes to trial. It doesn't seem like the St. Catharines paper has really put a ton of energy into finding out particulars, let's just leave it at that for now.

Brock goalie faces more charges (St. Catharines Standard)
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1 comment:

  1. How about the St. Catharines Standard writing up massive article regarding the Brock mens lacrosse team and how 3 of them took their shirts off and got into a water fontain at a near by rest stop on their way home from winning a national championship. I think the top cheese (Loryn Adams) knew about this sexual assault and wanted to take some heat of the situation by diverting it to a lower profile sport. The only way the Standard found out about this is through Mrs. Adams. The mens lacrosse team now has 4 players who are suspended for the enitre next yr and have to foreit their 1st two games. Sounds unjust to me!

    Hey Loryn, its called the "foot-in-the-door" theory, look it!