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  • Chris Cochrane is pulling no punches about the two Halifax clubs not drawing as well as some of their AUS counterparts:
    "Whatever the reason, fans have become incredibly picky about which games they’ll go see. Many seem to keep track of what’s happening with the university game but will only attend when they are offered something special.

    "Recently, Saint Mary’s had a crowd of 2,335 watch the powerhouse University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds. Clearly the fans saw that game as something special, which it was. But why didn’t more of those extra 1,600 fans return for the next couple of games?"
    (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)

  • Speaking of UNB, coach Gardiner MacDougall is offering reassurances former major junior goalie Martin Houle is still pencilled in for net season. (Fredericton Daily Gleaner)

  • Lakehead is focused on taking care of its own end in its all-important home series vs. No. 3 Western. (TB News Watch)

  • A hockey recruiting announcement this early in the game is unusual, but Carleton has already added an OHL team captain, forward Jeff Hayes of the Oshawa Generals. Players might be lined up with a team by now, but schools often hold off announcing it since players keep their options open up until the last, last minute.
  • UVic is in a must-win situation against Fraser Valley. There is a sentence you never read before. (Victoria Times-Colonist)
  • Huskies Football Outsider is keeping tabs on how Saskatchewan's Jeff Hassler, Ben Heenan, Cam Redl and Joel Seutter are faring with Team World, which faces Team USA in a U19 all-star game on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale. The game is carried live at noon Eastern on NFL Network, so keep an eye peeled for CIS players present and future such as Calgary running back Steven Lumbala, Ottawa d-back Soonbum Cha, Laurier receiver Alex Anthony and QB Jeremie Doyon-Rich, among others.

  • Toronto Blue Jays CEO Paul Beeston(or as he known in one very small social circle, Paul "Western Will Win" Beeston) is speaking this morning at the Queen's Sports Industry Conference. It would have been really nice if the organizers could have dimmed the lights and played this video as soon as he took the p

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  1. As a loyal Acadia Axemen fan it disgusts me to no end to see crowds of some maybe 1,000 plus watching the Axemen homegames and this is with them being ranked #4 in the CIS..of course with the playoffs on the way you will see all the bandwaggon hoppers making their way down to Acadia Arena saying we have been behind you 100% all season...spare me..

  2. Acadia averages almost 1600/ of the best marks in the country....what is the capacity of their rink?

  3. I believe their capacity is around 1800 counting standing room, but like other teams in the AUS their official attendance is their "paid attendance" which includes season ticket holders. [snarky] Yes, some AUS teams sell a lot of season tickets. UNB used to have 1600 season ticket holders, but I don't know what it is now. [/snarky]. So there might be a thousand people at the game, but the announced attendance may be 1600+. Similarly at UNB, if the weather is bad the AUC might be less that half full, but the announced attendance will be 2200+.

  4. Too many blue seats at some of those games for 1600 to be there...1000-1200 i would believe..but the crunch is on now that there are playoffs...people have been coming up to me and saying "Go Axemen Go" "See ya Wednesday night!" i just shake my heads at them, fairweather fans is what i call them.